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which one is better, dynacorn or goodmark? or others?
Hi Sal,

Is this for a 58? (going by your name)
I think it would depend on the parts that you were looking at
Some may make some panels better than others?



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I bought Goodmark 1/4's for my Nova and they were absoulty beautiful, I also bought a dynacorn deck lid for the same car and was so disappointed with it I fixed the original GM (lock hole). I bought my 1/4's about 5 years ago and have heard they changed hands since then but not sure. You might want an opinion from someone who has bought something recently from Goodmark. IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0511.JPG IMG_2835.JPG
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I'm not sure they aren't all made in the same factory in China anyway. The only one I trust is AMD and they don't make everything yet. I did buy both bumpers for the 61 from them and they are great, even original weight steel. I got a Sherman lower front fender patch for the 61 and it wasn't even close, they were the only ones who listed it. I'd have been better off beating a coffee can into shape.

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A cousin of mine makes cookware he travels Asia once year when we did his 70 a couple of years ago we were thinking of get a container of sheetmetal and selling off stuff cause he could’ve got a awesome deal on goodmark or dynacorn the company which i believe was in Taiwan was golden legion they made & sold both if I remember correctly. In my experience with either goodmark or dynacorn one piece fits perfect or one piece sucks! The left 1/4 went on great right side hung over the drop off and the trunk gap was a complete mess lol I just think they are hit or miss kinda like harbor freight tools.