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I am pretty sure Dave Mills uses a similar setup in his Nova, or did before the injection went on.
Yep, ran similar setup in both Belair & Chevy II when running carbs. Tank pickup had dual -10 lines to dual Barry Grant 220 gph continuous duty pumps (Belair was street driven) dual -8 lines foward to radiator core support to dual regulators, then twin 1/2 in. hard lines to carbs. Had fuel delivery problems before I doubled up on everything . I'm a firm believer in maintaining enough fuel volume to carbs so they can properly meter fuel.


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When we started on Jackshaw/White Tornado it was hard to tell what modifications were from the original assembly and what was added later. There was a switch next to the dash ash tray. I assumed it was added later maybe for fuel pumps. We filled it in when we did the dash. WELL...seems the switch was used to retard the timing in high gear! The retard position was labeled with an R. When folks asked what the R stood for...they were told R meant race IMG_0764.JPG


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We made another mistake when deciding what was part of the original build and what was added later
When I got the car it had a battery in the trunk. In all the old photos of both the Jackshaw and Nicholson Z11s....The battery is clearly in the original battery box. It was assumed the trunk battery was a later addition.
WRONG....Ed Anderson spilled the beans! Yes...they had moved the battery to the trunk...BUT...NHRA required the battery to be in its original position. Seems the fellows went to the dealership's Delco battery display and "borrowed " one of the hollow plastic display batteries. When NHRA opened the hood there was the battery...Ed said it looked pretty good! Not only did it fool fooled me 50 years later!
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