MI Sold: 1960 Bel Air 348 4 speed Tripower Junior Stock Drag Car Street legal


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I've had a great time bringing this back to race ready condition but ready to move on to other projects.

It has a .30 over 350 horse 348 Tonawanda FE block, 817 409 heads with an Isky cam and solid lifters. I"ll add the block numbers and cam specs asap. The original T-10 4 speed transmission is still in the car along with a 4:88 GM Posi in the original rear end housing with Moser axles. The fender well headers were used on the car back in the day and still on the car with added exhaust and mufflers. You can easily uncap the headers. NOS fenderwells were added back to the car and were cut to fit the headers.

This car was in storage for nearly 50 years and has most of the original parts it was raced with in the early 60s and original paint from the 60s. The tripower carbs were new in the GM boxes with the car and retain the vacuum secondaries. The boxes are included for the carburetors, Hurst Shifter and Mallory dual point distributor.

I have added new H&M vintage slicks to the rear and new bias ply tires to the front. The original H&M slicks and front tires are included. Other new items are a 4 core original style radiator, valve job, cam, lifters, springs, roller rockers, points, tires, Moser axles, front & rear springs, control arm bushings, front shocks and probably a lot more. Lots of extra parts are included.

The body has rough old paint and looks like a barn find. The body, floors and trunk are super solid except for the driver side rear quarter, which has rust at the bottom. The interior is original and still holding up but does show some wear. The car has 40k original miles.

Here is a link to a little site I put together with some info about the car. The original owner and driver is still around and lives near Detroit. He has some good stories about his days racing around Detroit. He says he was never beat in his class. I'm asking 22,500. That may seem crazy to some but I actually have a lot more money than that invested in the car. I hope it's okay to post this link. if not, i can add more info and images to the listing. I will be adding more images soon. http://www.velomine.com/skaihigh.html

The car is currently in Traverse City MI. I also have a place in Springfield IL so i could deliver somewhere in between or just about anywhere in the midwest.

I just added 45 images to the link above. A couple more things I didn't mention. The original vacuum tank is on the driver side fender well. It didn't hold enough vacuum to keep the secondaries open for a trip down the quarter mile. I didn't want to change to mechanical linkage since the vacuum stuff is so hard to find. I put an air tank in the trunk and ran a hose all the way back there rather than using the small original vacuum tank. The carbs will stay wide open for about a minute now. I used a new brass check valve in the back of the center carb and a reproduction T fitting to route vacuum to the tank and back to the slide valve.

The Mallory Rev Pol Dual Point Distributor has dual condensers and a coil with 2 primaries, one for each condenser. This is a different setup since each set of points runs 4 cylinders.

Fred had a story about the original owner of this car being a GM rep but I don't remember his name. The car was backed into when it was new on the passenger side rear and a new full quarter panel was put on. This was supposedly back in 1960.


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Can't quite hear him. What was the e.t. and mph?
14.35 is all we could get out of it and around 100mph but didn't leave hard and never got everything just right. The year that video was taken, it was only running on the one center carb. The run in the video is high 15s with only a 2 barrel and a 4:56. Changed to a 4:88 and got the carbs working the next year for low 14s runs but had an issue with the points that we didnt figure out til later. First gear in the early t10 is way too high for drag racing but the close ratio is nice once you get it going. That's my friend Steve Schien driving.
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