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My first truck I bought was a 1954 Chevy 1/2 ton 6 banger granny 4 speed . I had a nice car that I did not want to drive to work. Living at home at the time my dad said why did you buy that old thing ,this was about 1968 . First real cold morning his 1965 Chevy company truck would not start had to be jumped,as I started mine and drove off he couldn't believe it.:D

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We used Blazer seats and chopped down consul had tilt wiper and high beam on column. I hooked the cruise button to the line lock.
Had A/C and P/S auto.


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Just replaced the rear end in my son's 51 GMC 5 window. now we're planning to pull the granny 4 spd and replace it with one of my S10 T-5's. My truck is in the body shop so I've been driving the 51 to the hangar. Top speed with the 3:90 gears is about 45 on the street without blowing up the 228 engineā€¦.don't dare get on the freeway with it.