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Not to cause argument.... my thoughts
Every 62 Chevy I have seen with a 283 motor or 6 cylinder had the fuel line run along the frame, not under the shock tower.
The Pierce Nebraska Lambrecht auction just a few years ago with all the 60's Chevy's had numerous 60's cars with the original engines to confirm this to me. This auction, we parked right next to all the cars for sale (my friend had a handicap sticker)

Every time I see an original 1962 car(and 61, 63 and 64) I check the fuel line routing. The 5/16 line on 283 and 6 cylinder cars is easy to spot vs the 3/8 line under the control arm/shock tower.

I spent years looking at fuel lines used with factory engines and matching the fuel lines with the factory Engine emblems/flags on the original fenders, hoods and trunks of 1955 to 1964 Chevys identifying what motor that body came with.
My 10 -62's I have owned over many years also helped confirm this information -all these cars had the original fenders to verify

To my knowledge any 1962 Chevy with a 327 (250 HP and 300 HP and 409 engine had the fuel line run under the passenger control and
was a 3/8 fuel line.



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Were the floors on 409 bubble top or sedan cars with an intended drag racing use ordered painted only with red oxide primer to save weight? Were they red oxide on both the interior portion of the floors and the underneath? That is going to be a beautiful car.