Starter shims

63;409 with a 552 bell housing. I think I need to shim the starter, because I noticed that after kicking the starter the starter drive stays engaged. If I poke a screwdriver it quickly disengages. Looking through various catalogs I see shims but they all look to be for block mounted starters. The various videos all deal with block mounted starters, not bell housing mounted starters. Anyone ever shimmed a bell housing mounted starter?


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Back when, I've gotten around that issue by shimming the starter forward. This limits the depth the drive can go into the flywheel teeth. In fact, Chevrolet used to offer a service package of shims just for this purpose. There was also a heavy duty solenoid spring (1978281) that helped this issue, as well. That spring has been discontinued...might be available but who knows. The current heavy duty spring is the 1958679, I believe. It's shorter and stiffer than the originals.

I'd go ghetto and stick a 1/16"-1/8" washer between the starter and each of the mounting holes and see if it helps.
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I checked the bellhousing clocking max run out .006. I put lubricant on the bender drive shaft. Checked it a couple of times looks ok. Really did not want to pull the starter because I would have to remove the exhaust manifold.