Still have leaves falling, but snow Friday


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Well at leased I dont have to use 4 wheel drive?Save on gas.When it does snow,my daughter and I will hit the school parking lot and do some power sliding,snow power slides,she loves it!


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We had a pretty blanket of white last night, reminded me of the day my first born came into the world :).

Just the other day I was up on ladders painting a dormer. Still have the ladders up!

One a good note, I can see the deer tracks in the snow and now I'm on to those girls :):):).

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Enjoy! TomK
Hey Tom,
IS that ladder out to help Saint Nick up to the chimney cause the roof pitch is too steep to land the slay on.! :roll:xmas1
Or did someone get home late and not want to wake the wife. :rub

Tom Kochtanek

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No one is eloping via that access point!

I left them up there the other day when I was painting the trim. That part of the house is 90 years old and needs frequent attention :).

I normally would have started earlier in the season, but I had this hip thing going on...

And then the snows came...

Cheers! TomK


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Snowed enough to use four wheel drive this morning going to work.I-80 snow pack on ice.Snow melted off now.Too bad California didnt get the snow?


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All the leaves are to the street for the last pick-up Wednesday.
Weather forecast is 1 to 2 inches snow tonight, we will see.
Anyway what ever happens, I’m done with the leaves this year.
Have 3 neighbors that have done ZIP, which is normal for them.
So leaves will be flying until they are frozen to the ground.