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Back in February I ordered a couple of SCAT balanced rotating assemblies plus other bits to be delivered to my lad in CA, I was to arrange freight back when I visited Tom in early March, unfortunately one of the assemblies hadn't arrived so I did not ship the stuff. The second assembly was delivered in mid April, fast forward to mid August, I was back in CA to organise the freight back, as it turned out we shipped Tom's 58 Ford Custom 300 Business Coupe less motor and trans, plus all my bits and bobs.
When I was checking the second rotating assembly I noticed it had the rings missing, on my return to OZ, I contacted Summit regarding my problem, some 4 1/2 months after the goods were delivered.
After having a lengthy email conversation backward and forward, to be fair I expected to buy the rings due to the time frame, Summit advised that they checked with SCAT and the rings will be sent out, Tom received the rings within 3 days.

So to Summit, many thanks and looks like I will be purchasing more through them.



Love Summit too! My only complaint is I tend to buy too much when I go to that website! ;)

P.S. gonna move this thread to the review section


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I've also had good service from Summit. I'm not sure how they don't charge more for shipping, especially parts which other vendors charge for drop or freight shipping. I've saved a boat load with their shipping policies!