NY Super Chevy Magazine Back Issues (10 )


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I am offering some Super Chevy Magazine Back issue magazine to you guys on the forum.
1974 , 1975 , 1976 , 1977
I had them on Fee bay and there was no activity for 2 weeks
All you pay is for the ride Flat rate medium box ($13 65 ) Pm me if you are interested. The picture with the 2 vans , I onley have one of them .
:crazy:cheers DSCN1303.JPG DSCN1304.JPG DSCN1305.JPG DSCN1306.JPG DSCN1307.JPG DSCN1308.JPG DSCN1309.JPG DSCN1308.JPG DSCN1309.JPG DSCN1310.JPG DSCN1311.JPG DSCN1312.JPG


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Well I got the last ones. I did send them on to another here on the forum though. Therefore I will give someone else a chance. However if you guys wait, I will PM him and get them also. Any takers?????? PM finger getting itchy........... Getting more itchy......... K9, if someone doesn't ask by tomorrow, I will take them.



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Butch, That is not a problem. That is why I waited to give someone else a chance..... however I wasn't going to wait too long. I am glad that Don is getting them though.

La Hot Rods

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I have a bunch of Super Chevy, Hot Rod, Car Craft and others most from the 80s and 90s
Give me shot if you need one some or all. :)