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Well all I can say is Wow!! What a great time we had. It seems like these events keep getting better and we continue to put on a show and draw a crowd! I'm very thankful to have the friends I've met through this hobby and I hope to continue to make more.... as far as the track champion goes, well he won that race for me with his -.001 redlight.. lol. Anyway you do it, it's always fun to put an automatic on the trailer with a stick shift!! Can't wait to get together again and make some new friends.....

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Had a good time with old friends and it was great to meet all the new folks. There were some very nice cars there. It was great to see Ricky go 4 rounds. I would have been there if I would have changed all three dial times on my windows..............dumb a$$......drivers window was down and overlooked changing that one. Thanks to Loreen for cooking the grub and thanks to the Fatted Calf for the meat. Thanks Martin. I bet you were happy James gave you his nuts...........:winnerAlso a hats off to son Byran for all he did getting people to attend, keep us informed before the race, and keeping us informed during the day. Fun was had by all. Well, maybe all except Dave Mills. Man, I was tired just from watching him work about non-stop on his set up Dave....she looks and runs good.

See ya all next time.:good

Bub6le 2op

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Yes ................what a group, thanks to everyone that came and put on the show, thanks to Lorene who in my mind makes these outings special with the food and the music.
thanks to James for helping me beat him...........that was a great race, and I look forward to a lot more of them. ...........what a job Bryan did, thanks ole buddy
It was great seeing all of you, and I can't wait until the next one...........the cars put on a great show everybody loves these ole cars, but we're the lucky ones who get to take em home with us. Thanks again to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The stands are never really full at any Super Chevy Show I have been to. Seemed like a nice crowd. Lots of people walked down 409 row. The car show seemed like it had a nice turnout. I didn't have time to walk through it, but having to drive around it to get back to the pits you could tell there were a lot. Plenty of racecars too. I would guess around 80 cars in the B2 class we were all racing in at least. Didn't pay attention to the amount in the 3 other classes running. I hope it was profitable for the track and they enjoyed the show. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I suggested they could probably use a few signs to help direct traffic.. we drove past the only open entrance gate.. whoops! We weren't the only ones, another truck and trailer turned around behind me and a few spectators were on an entrance road with a closed gate also confused. They didn't have my name on the list either when I gave them the entrance ticket, but they still let me in. :cool: