The Cowboys won and The Apache is gone

58 Apache

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:cry Well due to the current economy the need to sell the Apache has happened. The only good thing is that it's new home is a friends body shop and it will be looking better by the time spring comes. I still am building my stroker 348 and putting it in a 64 El Camino with a 700r4 and a 3.36 posi. I will be posting pics of progress as soon as I can dig the Camino out and get it into the shop.:cuss


First you might want to ask why I never finished the body & paint. I get that question alot. :D But heck, I'm getting closer. Last year I did the 12 bolt posi, the 4 speed conversion and the interior. Next up is the trunk and body/paint.

The AC to me is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing in that it's somewhat rare but in my case, it's a curse as I really don't want a power robbing compressor on my 409. So for now, I just leave it as is.

One day it might be returned to a 396 car and then I'll do the AC. Guess I'll need another "toy" to put the 409 in then. :deal


Bob I know you had to mod the Headers but what did you start with?
Back then I didn't weld so I had the car towed to a guy near by that builds headers. He mostly did them for race cars. I also had him notch the oil pan so it would clear the crossmember. (that's something else you'll have to do)

He built them by using universal J & U shaped header tubes you can buy from places like Summit. He made his own flanges and collectors. I had mine done in 1-7/8 inch tubes, 16 guage steel but they do have stainless too. It's a matter of cutting and welding together until you get the right shape. Alot harder than it sounds. I think I paid around $500.

It might not be a bad idea to start with a pair of headers that would fit the W motor cars and modify them. You would have a big jump on the process.