The Fall-Out # 3

La Hot Rods

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Chis and Nathan, are the sponsors on this trek.
If it wasn't for my wife and friends this wouldn't be happening. :appl:appl:appl:appl
I just hope we make a good representation for the family. :bow:bow:bow:bow
Lets hope the video crew is up to the task, word is he may shoe the Shaker, bet that will make him tighten up his shorts. :D

Tom Kochtanek

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It's definitely the heads (thanks Dan!).
Plus we're no longer running a stock stroke bottom end :).

I know James is having a fun time! In less than a year he knocked off one second on his times.

We already have the tubing for the safety upgrade in the case that we broke 11.50 this year. Looks like it's decision time :).