The Grinch T and me

Hey guys!

First off id like to both thank you for letting me into the community and apologize in advance for the stupid questions and even stupider ideas I’m probably going to throw at you!

I’m 32 and from Illinois. About an hour south of Chicago. In high school I had a 409/4 speed powered 64 C10 as my daily and kick myself in the ass everyday for ever selling it. That being said, I’ve been obsessed with the W motor ever since. I also build model cars and I’d say 90% have the W! Haha

My current 1:1 scale project is a 27
T coupe which is very early 60s competition inspired. I’ve picked up a mostly complete 59 348 which I hope to build into a stroker. Extreme motor set back, Edelbrock staggered 4x2 and 94s, finned everything, 63 t10 and a 59 9 inch with 4.11s. It’ll be pistachio and emerald green and my 6 year old has dubbed it The Grinch “because it looks grumpy and heartless.”

All that being said, I hope you guys enjoy seeing it as much as I am enjoying collecting parts and building it. I know I’ve come to the right place and can’t wait to get going on the motor.