This is just WRONG!


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I know there great engines but I HATE THEM F’N LS’S !!!!! There I said it. Love Bitchen Rides but hate to see all those cool old cars come out the an LS in it.
I understand your hatred but if you want to drive it every day and enjoy AC being able to travel to different elevations all over the country without fail it's hard to least the old cars are still on the road....we have to do what we can to keep them on the road and tell the politicians to kiss our asses...if they have their way we will all be riding donkeys!!! As long as they don't fart too much.

Mr Goodwrench

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I hear what you’re sayin, I’m unfortunately old enough to remember when cars went coast to coast on carburetors, we moved from the state of Oregon to Illinois April of 68 dad pulled a u haul with everything him and mom could get in it behind a 66 396 SS Chevelle, only time the hood was opened was to get the cans of Campbell’s soup dad put on the intake to get warm:D drove straight through, 36 hours. Dual cherry bombs moaning all the way. Ahhhhhh the good old days:love:love