Happy Birthday! Tom Kochtanek

Tom Kochtanek

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My dance card is all filled up for the day, but let's do connect next time you are heading East to St. Louis :).

Here's what's for breakfast (and probably lunch) today:

Its whats for breakfast.jpg

Notice the German Chocolate cake is missing two slices :).

The bottom is a famous "Super Stretch" from the Broadway Diner. It's a heart stopper to be sure!

It's a great day so far and it gets even better this afternoon. Unfortunately we aren't gathering with the kiddos and grand kids, but there is a Zoom connect scheduled for this afternoon, followed by dinner from Cici's (best steakhouse in town IMHO). I'll be having the filet and lobster :) :) :).

Already been out with the top down car (sorry, it's a Saab) and plans are to spin the wheels on the SWC this afternoon. Gotta live it up while we can!

Cheers! TomK