tri-power waterpump

am building my first 348 and i want to go from the single four barrel to tri-power.I have the intake but can see that the top water outlet of my waterpump will no longer work! Is there a specific pump for this intake or can I modify the old pump?


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Here's what I did. My 348 had a truck intake and no nipple. The 90 dgree hose elbow and copper Y are from NAPA. The factory used a T (check valve?) that screwed into the heater outlet on the tri-power intake. Mine works fine. NUT


Water Pump Bypass

If you drill some "bypass holes" in your thermostat you can just cap off the outlet coming out of the water pump. Some people recommend you do this anyways as it makes sure all of the coolant goes through the radiator. Robershaw makes a high flow thermostat with the "holes already drilled in it.