Triumph Bonneville

Tom Kochtanek

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Brings back memories. I purchased an early 60s Triumph chopper with an extended front end and a hardtail back in 1970 for $400. It was in the suburbs of Cleveland (Parma).
It had trans separate from the engine (forget what they called that back then, "unitary" or something like that). Ran like a triped ape :). That was the last time I got pulled over for exceeding the speed limit (it was threatening to rain so I throttled it a bit...).

Go for it! TomK


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Pre unit is what its called Tom.
Riding fast in the rain with an extended front end?! Brave man :crazy
Agreed, although I have been caught lots of times myself. Even so, I will take the rain compared to what I would see often enough on the autobahn in Germany. I have seen guys riding motorcycles in the snow on the autobahn. :wacko:dunno I kept waiting for them to wipe out, however the few I saw never did.


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Back 70 and 71 I worked for a landscaping company and every winter I would get laid off and both of these years there was a dude that would ride his Moto Guzzi Ambassador to the unemployment office he had a fur piece glued to the top of his helmet. I don't know if this was his only mode of transportation or what but that's how he arrived everytime I was there and this was back when we got some nasty winters.