Truck 409 acquisition


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I’m not sold on the roller set up idea floated earlier. Seems like over kill for getting to 400hp. I also don’t buy the suggestion that flat tap cam and lifters will dissolve in a street car before he dies. I built a motor with a flat tappet cam 22 Year’s ago and it still breaks the tires loose at 60mph. cores today aren't what they used to be. Comp Cams (for example) actually has three types of cores for their flat tappet grinds. By the time you get their best core and have it gas nitrided for break in, you are at the price of a nice roller. For a few bucks more than a set of quality tool steel lifters, you can be into a set of nice roller lifters. And with a roller setup, you're not going to be fighting the zinc /lobe wear issue with oils....use a nice synthetic like Mobil 1 and you're good to go.

With the nice, tight lash street lobes available now, a mechanical roller can be quiet and trouble free. Hydraulic rollers are not something I suggest...the inconsistencies of tolerances, total confusion over who's reboxing whose lifters, noisy valve train issues, etc, etc. are just a few of the pitfalls of hydraulic rollers.

My 2 cents on it, for what it's worth. ;)


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Hi guys. I'm revisiting this post with a bit more clarity and definition as far as my build plans and intentions for my 409.

Engine is going in a tri five Chevy, ive scrounged up an M20 transmission (wide ratio 2.52 1st gear) and im leaning towards 3.00 or 3.25 axle ratio. I want to cruise at 2300-2600 in the 60 -70 mph ranges with most driving being probably 62 mph @2400ish rpm. My focus is now on reliability, moderate valve train pressures, 9ish compression ratio , lower rpm torque, no big hp needs.

Do the stock 333 heads fit in those goals? Any reason, with those goals in mind that I would still want lager vaves?
Small port dual plane intake, 600-650 cfm. Hyd cam (grind recommendations?)