Look at craigslist Spokane and look about. There is a 68 one ton dump for 3500. It is nice You east coast guys would not need to deal with rust. This stuff is every where. Just throwing this out there. Barry


Would be a very long ride to PA though. :D

You guys do have it good though. I'd be in heaven working on rust/rot free oldies. :brow


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We just sold a one ton dump truck surplus 70 GMC at auction and no rust as our guys don't drive it in snow or rain :) It was sold real cheap and went somewhere up in Delaware. I should have contacted Bob when we had the sale as he would have liked to have it. oh, yes Bob before you ask we power washed it before the sale as it carried "ick" out of one of the smaller facilities. Bob I think it had 60K miles :)


My dance card is all full Robert. No more strays coming home with me! :D

Ok, there is one exception... A reasonably priced 57 Chevy 2 door coupe body/builder in my area. That's a dream I just might have to fulfil someday. :brow