Trump Offends


I couldn't watch it again because "she" was in it but... I read up on what happened. Trumps line "you would be in jail" will go down in history! :laugh2 :roll I love it!!! Heard she was quite rattled as Trump poured it on. Good for him and good for us! :pray

Other than a rigged election, I can't see how she could win.


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She was really annoyed, that he said that.:doh:roll Now, he better watch his back.:hide:eek1 It was FUNNY. As soon as the debate started, she couldn't wait, to announce how Crude he is. She thought, she had him, by the short hairs.:rolleyes Then when he got his chance, he brought up Bill's bad deeds, and said the women are here.:eek1 That kind of shocked her. She did a lot of smiling, but it looked like nervousness.:roll:laugh

Dick MacKenzie

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Reminds me of the story of Obama and the cowboy....

Obama was speaking to a group of ranchers and bunch of small flies were buzzing around his head.

Obama says: " What the He!!, What are all these flies"

Old Cowboy: "Them's buttflies"

Obama: "Buttflies! What are Buttflies?"

Old Cowboy: "Them's the flies that fly around a horse's a$$."

Obama: "Are you calling me a Horse's A$$ ??"

Old Cowboy: "No sir! I wouldn't call our president a horses A$$."

long pause....................................................

Old Cowboy: "Hard to fool them buttflies though!"