Trump Offends


It turns out that Trump didn't even say it! More lies that the media when crazy over! These "news" outlets are nothing more than traitors to this country! They do nothing but bash our president and cause problems. There really should be a law to stop this kind of thing but they'll hide behind the first amendment I guess.

Greg Reimer

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It seems that democrats thrive on turning things downward to that level. They need to create a permanent underclass in order to have someone to exploit for political purposes. Face it, lefties, when people are upwardly mobile, get ahead, and get financially and socially more successful, they don't need liberals for anything. It's amazing how, when you succeed, you get more conservative and you seem to recognize what's really going on out there. They've reduced many of our once modern cities into something resembling a third world toilet. Entitlement spending never ends nor do protected classes ever advance to where they don't need to be protected. Some do, but that's another story. Meanwhile, taxation increases because the 'rich need to pay more'.Face it, the left engineered this whole mess under the guise of some kind of "war on poverty" that made the left rich on the backs of working America and exploited the very people they pretended to care about and represent. If they had their way, we all would live like they do in third world countries because then they would be in total control, just like there rest of the corrupt little dictatorships. North Korea is nothing new. The ones on top live fabulously wealthy elitist lives, separate from the rest of the world they helped create by imposing their totalitarian system on everybody else. The sound of creating a "great society" caught on, but now,50 years later, where is it? Don't lie to me and tell me that the wrong people are in charge of it and that that's why socialism hasn't taken over, the truth is that the wrong people started it for their own gain and never allowed the people they claimed to represent move up and out of it. Walter Williams, the economics professor and conservative commentator basically called it when he said that jesse and al were nothing but poverty pimps, keeping people down while claiming to help them, all the while founding tax deductible foundations you could donate to to appease your guilt for being successful.
Remember in history class the events leading up to the French Revolution? An elitist class got in power who impoverished the country to exploit the people and usurp all the nation's wealth for themselves, then the eventual result was't too nice. If the ones calling themselves the victims of America ever woke up and realized what has been done to them by the left these last 50 years or so, the ensuing uprising would make that scenario seem tame by comparison.


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Greg, well said.

Here in Oz, 50.1% of the population are on some form of Govt. handout, so any Conservative Govt ( over here that is the Liberal Party) trying to cut costs by slowing up the handouts gets voted out, so what do the idiots do, keep spending, increase taxes and on and on, it is a spiral to oblivion, but hay it's only tax payers money, problem is only 40% of the population pays income tax.

read this printed in 2002 so is a little out of date. look up "Critical Theory" pretty well explains it.

I am not religious, but lead a Christian lifestyle, I have watched this shit go on nearly all my life and kept shaking my head "Why", the why was answered, makes it all too clear to at least have a second opinion and a terminology for what's been happening.