Updated My Office... well, mostly

Don Jacks

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:dunnoWhat can I say,my right arm dosent work anymore,I have to have automatic,and power steering.:bang I can still make a good bracket car here though.
I dunno, Phil.... I didn't THINK I looked that weird ????
I have open face helmet, that squeezes the sides of my jaw, yet is loose on top.
In any case... there's still the heat, and the virtual loss of hearing ( which effects one's balance, and can make a person dizzy ).

and for Don....


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I'm sure a logo could be thought of :rolleyes. Just think of the bad lights the guy next to you would be getting while staring at you
Bob would put one of his decals on that helmut in a second and you'd be the coolest guy at the track. You're pretty cool anyway running a clutch and a 409.