Very Cool garage tool box

Agent Blue

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That is the ultimate tool storage container.
While were on the subject, ..... Why are there so many Snap On tool chests regularly for sale on CL ? Most are less than two years old, unused, and in perfect condition. Does the salesman make that good of a pitch or are there knock offs bought cheap with the sellers hoping to make a quick buck. The average person doesn't buy a 4k+ took box unless he has a purpose be it business or to impress the locals. Some of the pictures show garage interiors that could certainly use a bit of magic to be presentable. It just amazes me. Very few Snap On tools for sale. If they are they are near full price.
I have Snap On hand tools. I find it hard to cough up their tool price for an over valued steel box to house them. Sears does a great job at probably one quarter the price.

1958 delivery

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because they are stolen regularly and sold on CL. Because of the way over price thieves target them knowing they can get a good amount on the "used" market.

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The ones I am viewing are from a 30 mile radius. Some claim to have the receipt and warranty in effect. It would be pretty hard to steal a tool box most often loaded with heavy metal unless you have a Tommy lift on your truck. They must carry packing blankets because they all look super think without nicks or scratches. I'm inclined to believe in the knockoff theory with fake labels.
My wife bought a Coach purse and later discovered it had a thread imperfection. Guaranteed for life she returned it only to find it was a knockoff. It was identical to the ones in the store including the interior pattern. The serial number was not in proper sequence so it was labeled a fake. The clerk was not surprised as she knew the market had stiff competition copy cats.