Virus and HI-WAY Speed


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The state Michigan just posted on its daily virus news release that the police has seen a large increase in vehicle speeding.
They say that other states have also, saying that Iowa has seen a increase of 101% of vehicle going over 100 mph from January to August, from last year.
California has issued 15,000 speeding tickets of 100 miles an hour or more since mid March to August 19th.
Guess with all the protesters taking all the law-enforcement resources, it’s open season for speed.



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They think that the police aren't going to chase them down because the police are afraid of contracting Covid. Some are, but the majority are not, and will do their job as usual, just taking more precautions.


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It has really been noticeable. I think people believe that they won't get pulled over as there has been much less enforcement in my area. I drive 60 mph on the 55 mph state highway I live on and people fly by me. My son lives in NC and everyone seems to drive much faster than the posted limit there, even in pre-covid times. However, I still like to go through the gears when I am driving one of the old cars - just to listen to the motor music.