W motor engine mounts for 2nd-gen Camaro subframe in my '58 Apache

Hi Cecil --

Thanks for the reply. I don't know the complete history of my subframe (from a '73 Camaro); the only thing I know for sure is that a sbc with the clamshells and frame mounts that I have puts a small block Chevy in the right spot (I test-fitted the 307" (from a 1/2 ton 2 wd Chevy pickup). Not to be confusing, but those clamshells I am trying to use DID NOT come from that original engine...had them in a parts bin.

If you have the chance, I'd definitely appreciate the correct pn#s for the 348/409 clamshells.

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The 409 did not use the clamshells. The mount like below is bolted to the block. But there may be a clamshell that would work.

Don Jacks

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Do you know if those off the shelf clamshells or from a v6[200-229-4.3] or a v8,as there is a difference in the location of the bolt holes affecting it's position on the block. As has been posted,the clamshell mount didnt come to exist untill well after the demise [production wise].I prefer the clamshell set up my self,but I've run into times when there were differences in clamshells them self.


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I tried to load my parts catalog (its on a CD) but for some reason it wouldn't load in the computer. Must be damaged.
I did confirm that there are as many different mounts, frame stands and clamshells as there are different models.
67-71 Camaro used frame stands and regular mounts but they varied by engine. 72 was the year for the clamshell mounts on everything including Camaro and Chevy trucks. Still there was a stand bolted to the frame crossmember that the mounts bolted to then the clamshells bolted to the block. Appears that you are missing the stands on the crossmember.
I think if you had all matching parts for 73 Camaro SBC or BBC, it should work.
Thanks for the input, Don & Cecil.

I'm not sure where the clamshells came from, Don...the mounts came on the subframe when I acquired it, but I can't say they were originals.

Cecil, thanks for trying to review the CD. When you say frame stands, are you referring to a type of mount? Is a stand more like a tower (and taller than what I call a mount?)

What's confusing is the fact that a small-block Chevy bolts up perfectly to my mount/clamshell...I'm thinking the pre-clamshell style mount (as pictured in 64SS409's post -- by the way, Thanks for posting it 64SS409!) looks not as 'thick' as the mount I have in place. Maybe that's why my setup doesn't work...

Again, thanks for all the input.