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I run a 61 Bel Air stock stroke(3.515) engine. The engine was built several years ago
to run IHRA G stock. 422 cu. in., single 4 barrel, 11:1 comp., .439 lift camshaft, unmodified 583
cyl. heads, stock assembly weight, 5/64 rings. The car weighs 3750 w/driver, stock front and
rear suspension, aftermarket control arms in rear, 4-speed Jerico. The best run was 11.49/114 mph.

A few years ago I joined the Nostalgia Super Stock group in which you must run two fours or
three twos. I replaced the .439 cam with a small mechanical roller, changed the valve springs
and retainers, installed a out of the box Edelbrock intake w/original Chevy Carter AFB carbs.

Earlier this year I ran a best of 10.60/125+ at Union Grove, WI. I think the car will run 10.50
with some other changes.

Stock stroke 409's can run quite well!

I know you don't get on here much so it is great to see a post / update from you Gerry. The car is running great!! I found a picture of it leaving the line against The Homewrecker and have that for my monitor background in the Chevy parts department where I work. People keep asking:
"Jason.....when was that picture of your car took?" Then I proceed to explain that it is yours and that I can only hope to have mine half as nice one day.
Not sure how long you have had yours, but I have been running mine since the early 90's. Mostly it sits around under a pole barn at my friend's house. :bang

Thank you for the inspiration!!
these are pics of my dads car in his racing days.he is Phil Nicholas this is the original Ragamuffin which he bought brand new back in 1963 from fencil pierce chevrolet in oak park il. it was a 1963 impala 409/425 with 4 speed T10 borg warner trans and a 488 rear end with 9 inch slicks. him and his friends,jerry /the mechanic,john schear and pete came up with the name ragamuffin. they were his pit crew. the sponsor was clement speed shop at 6600 archer ave. he raced the car from 1963 to 1969 at union grove,rockford,and us 30. phil musso was his promoter. my dad sold the car in 1969 to a guy who was supposed to have flipped the car while street racing.


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Thanks for posting those pictures and giving us some background history on the car. I've seen pictures of the Ragamuffin car before but didn't know much about it until now. :deal
Are you the little guy in the pictures?