Well crap!

Jim Sullivan

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We had one sink his teeth into our garbage can lid a couple years ago. IMG_20200629_160124.jpg
We usually see several different bears passing through a coupe times every month. Just had one making his/her rounds last evening. Through the woods behind the house, up the path behind my garage and across the road into the woods. They like my in-laws next door. They used to keep a garbage can with corn and one with bird seed on their porch. Until one of the bears drug the metal bench across the porch and jammed it into the bumper on my father on laws year old truck. We have no idea why he did it. But the corn and bird seed are in the basement now.


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Ray, you can keep that nice furry creature over your side of the world thank you.
There are two things in the bush here that can hurt you, a Stag (Buck Deer) in the rutting season and a wild Boar
The rest apart from other hunters and the odd wild cow are not bitey things

No big cats, no skunks, no wolverines, no wolves, no raccoons, no snakes, no gators,
Just lawyers, Politicians, Insurance salesmen and used car salesmen