What camshaft???


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Alright....this winter when I pull the 409 out of the impala, I plan on changing the cam, valve springs, and a new timing chain/gear setup. What I'm looking for is I want the car to sound like it's hungry. I want the thing to cackle and grab attention. The car will have either a 4.10 or a 4.56 gear, it's a close ratio super t10 4 speed as well. Basically I want the car to sound as bitchin as it looks. Not looking for an all out racecar, as I already have one of those. Just a nasty sounding street cruiser with the occasional blast through the gears. Was thinking of a solid roller that way I don't have to worry about cam break in. But if I end up with a regular solid lifter cam that's fine too. Don't get me wrong, the car sounds good for what it is. But it's missing that cackle at idle. That cackle that makes people turn their heads, that cackle that you can hear tick in the 2 inch fenderwell headers. Thanks!


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Don, as of right now the engine is a mystery. It has 690 heads, factory intake/carbs, solid lifter cam, screw in studs, roller rockers. Engine now has stahl/acp 1 7/8 stepped to 2 inch fenderwell headers, Borg Warner close ratio super t10 4 speed and I will be swapping between a 4.10 and a 4.56 gear. Won't know more about engine till I pull it this winter as the guy that built the car has passed on.

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IF the engine has good aftermarket rods and modern forged pistons,Lunati has a couple of their TL[tight lash] big block cams that would fit your requirements.They are available in either mechanical roller of mechanical flat tappet versions.They would make much better overall cams than the Thumper,Bootlegger,ect.type which are only available in hyd.flat or roller lifter designs any way.Either could be ground on a W cam blank to work in a 409 .

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Or if you want a solidFT Bullet has the old Ultradyne lobes a something with the 288 intake lobe, exhaust lobe depending on the head flow how much split. My E head 409 has a single pattern solid roller.