What do original 64 keys go to?

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So sorting out all the car porject keys the past week. My 64 the ignition key also fits the trunk. Then I have a separate key that does both doors. It was actually on a ring with an ignition key that fits nothing I have! Maybe the 62 I had years before the 64. Glove box and console take neither and I do not have one for them easy enough to take out the lock and take to a lock smith.


A recent discussion on keys we discovered that some cars had 1 key for all locks and some had 2 keys. All your lock cylinders will have a key code stamped on them. Keys do to unless the center part was knocked out. (most are)

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Thanks. I think when I bought my 78 Trans Am new it came with the knock outs, these are not original keys for sure. You just never know the history of the locks on a car unless you got it new. They might have just bought a replacement lock then never had a locksmith match it. There is also an extra glove box cylinder in the glove box too!

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It is a SS but probably had multiple owners and who knows what swapped. I'll double check the ignition in the console, glove box again this weekend-but it does do the trunk. And of course with wear maybe swap when they should not!

I want to think my original 64 SS back in the 70s had to have multiple either glove box or console locks but I always took them to a locksmith to swap tumblers out.

Funny car key story for you all. While in college there was a guy who lent his room mate his red Mustang for the weekend. Told him which parking lot. Guy went and opened and drove the car for the weekend. It was actually another guys red Mustang that was in the same parking lot and the keys were the same! He had reported it stolen when he went to get his car. Campus cops figured it out when the borrowed one came back.
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Well the one key fits ignition,driver's door,and trunk. Other does the passenger door only. Neither does glovebox or console. Funny thing the main key looks liek the same grooves on the blank but does not go in the console or glove box, The passenger door key does at least go in them.

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My 62 that I had had one key that fit everything.My '65,66,and all my Chevelles,Monte Carlos and El Camino's had a separate key for the ignition lock and the doors. The trunk and the glove box had a separate dedicated key different from the ignition switch lock. We had a customer come in one afternoon with a fairly nice 70 Chenille wagon that had the door lock cylinder missing. He came out one time and he thought that it had just fallen out. We found his key code in the vehicle's driver's instruction manual in the glove box, and we made him a new lock cylinder with the little pawl and clip that hooked it up to the for latch assembly inside the door. It occurred to me after he left, it's possible someone used a slide hammer to pull the door lock, and have a key made at a hardware store or another dealer's parts department so he could go back and steal the car with his new key. I found the flat steel horseshoe clip the held the lock cylinder into the door inside the bottom of the door. I don't remember them having much tendency to fall off,either. Buying a replacement ignition lock and tumbler assembly and putting it in would have been a good way to thwart that, since the replacement tumbler would have had a different key than the door locks. Another thing with pre '65 GM cars was the lock that had a Lock Off On Start position on the ignition switch. If somebody didn't lock it, anybody could get in, start the car and drive off with it without keys. Not good.


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All original 62's , both on the road and in the junk yards, used the same key for all of the locks, except my bubble top. The trunk lid had the lock assembly removed when I purchased it so I replaced it with an extra trunk lock and key that I had from another vehicle...:gamer


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So on our cars of the day is the locking lever under under the hood? I'm all about collecting factory options for my 63's and 65' s but have never heard of this.