What Has America Become?


Something needs to first be done about the education system and the media. Then... given enough time for people to get their heads on straight after all the decades of brainwashing, this country might stand a chance.

Problem is our government is too big and powerful. They would never allow anything to hurt either of these entities or take away THEIR powers!

To sum it up, this country is screwed. It's only a matter of time. Little by little the sheeple are getting more and more brainwashed because the liberal machine is relentless! It just doesn't stop. It's crazytown now, wonder what a few more years will be like. ??


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:yup Be careful and don't double flush or they will be flushed out into the rural areas.
I'am already seeing this happening a town not to far from me Bend Oregon has a big fool and antifa membership there mostly from California moving there to retire its too bad cause I know some great people from California. Why cant they move here instead???