Wheel dollies


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I bought a set of 4 GoJak's at Fall Carlisle, and they are rated for 1000 pound each. They work OK on the Corvair, but my BelAir is a bit more difficult. Haven't tried them in the garage, since the garage is full of junk, instead of cars. Cost me another $90 to buy the rack to store them, but after getting it, I learned that the rack is well worth the money. There was no good way to store them.


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If you find a used set, look them over carefully, since the older ones like I bought have smaller wheels, and they don't spread out as far as the newer ones with bigger wheels. You need the spread for the larger tires that are being put on the cars today. The ones that I got will not work with a 16" tire. Perfect for the 13' & 14", but a little tight on the 15" of my Caddy. If you want a picture, just let me know. Also, keep your eye on Craigslist, because occasionally they are listed. When I got home after Carlisle, I checked Craigslist, and there were a set of 4 at a reasonable price, but they were at the outer limits of the 200 mile search radius that I had selected.


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I recently replaced my dolly castor's with wheels from go jack company. I have the black contoured plates , not very expensive don't remember where I got these years ago. They will hold a very wide tire. They were almost impossible to scoot forward and backward ,so to get the vehicle to move i had to swing side ways to get started moving to where I wanted to go. So I order 16 of these swivel wheel at $25.00 each = $400.00 and install in my plates. Advertised old metal wheels swivel castor's and sold all sixteen to one guy for $75.00 . I was asking $80.00 took 75.00 . There is a noticeable difference in rolling resistance. I have to jack up car to place plates under tires ,but the difference between complete go jack at $250. What I like about these plates is there is no excess hardware sticking outside of tire and I can scoot car right next to a wall. Go jack complete each at around $250.00 each to $400.00 that I spent I figure I saved $600.00 . I had to drill 16 locator holes in my plates since my old castor's were 4 hole pattern for each caster . You can tell these are premium castors because they have seals on them. I thought about doing this for a long time and finally pulled the trigger as Phil says.:D

Tom Kochtanek

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Here are some awful options, Phil :).

I use the cheap wooden ones to move small appliances around.

The metal ones are cheap Harbor Freight items. I have a bare frame on 4 of those and it rolls just fine on smooth concrete.

You can always use that lightweight small floor jack...

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