Wildfire 62 Impala is for sale, I would like info on this car.

I saw Wildfire a 62 NSS car for sale on Facebook earlier today, I contacted the Owner and ask him some questions, does anyone know a lot about this car, he told me I needed to research it and find out its history, I have looked through google and mostly there are video's and a couple of articles on it but not a lot of nuts and bolts stuff.

I am more interest in build info, like chassis stuff, who built the car, is there a build thread on it somewhere, does it have a certified cage, how fast has it been and that kind of stuff. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

I talked to him through messenger today. No disrespect to him, he is up on the cars history and stuff. I am more interested in the nut and bolt part of the car. The build of it. I know it has a Dana rear diff, the tire size, engine. I am more interested in chassis mods, brakes cage, weight, what is fiberglass, what is steel, clutch, bell housing. The general info of the racing equipment.
Well I miss understood the pm message I received. Turns out it was someone else. He knew a little about Wildfire, informed me it was back halved car. This will not work for me I need a stock chassis. He was able to help me with what I was looking for. Thanks for all the help.


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hey,if you are looking for a really nice 62 Impala SS 409 stick drag car i know of one that may be for sale. not tubbed. stock frame etc. i think there may be pictures on here. it was owned by a good friend of mine George Reynolds. i helped him build the car and now Tim Powell from Pa owns it.