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Hello to all. I am Mark Wilson the owner of Wilson Header Mfg. I have been a member for a number of years, but this will be my first post.
I am the owner of the original Belanger 348-409 header jigs which I discontinued selling a number of years ago. The reasons for discontinuing them were many, but mainly ownership had changed hands 3 times prior to my ownership and modifications had been made by prior owners that was out of my control.
Due to all of the complaints of poor fit I decided I would rather drop the application than have my name drug through the mud for something that was out of my control. At that time we sold less than 20 sets of these a year and I could not find anyone willing to bring an unmolested car to my shop to research and correct any fit problems.
Over the past several years many have contacted me asking that I bring them back and I have been working to that end, but will not go into full production unless I am sure that fitment will not be an issue. I had the good fortune to have a local customer lend me a totally original, unrestored and unmolested 62 Belair 409 for test fitting and modification.
This has been an interesting although costly undertaking both in dollars and more importantly time consumed. It has also been enriching in the knowledge that I have gained. A few items which I will elaborate on.
Original Belanger 409 headers were for sedans, coupes and hardtops only and not made to fit the convertible frames. I have changed this and headers should now fit all frame styles.
With the advent of new aftermarket heads and blocks everyone seems to be asking for larger 2.00 inch primaries and I have obliged.
The original Belanger header had 1.875 inch primaries with cone collectors 12.00 inches long tapering to a 2.5 inch outlet. I intend to offer this header in both 1.875" and 2.00" primaries with the 2.00 inch being the first. I will be going back to the 12.00 length collector with the 1.875" version having a 3.00" collector and the 2.00" version having a 3.5" collector.
I have pictures and hope to post later.

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Mark S Wilson


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Welcome Mark, to our site.
great picture of the headers, great news on the headers.
what size are the tubes and collectors in the picture?
Are they designed to clear the factory inner fenders ?


Mark Wilson

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The header flanges are 3/8" thick laser cut. Primaries are 2.00 inch 14 gauge (.075" wall) aluminized tube. Drivers side header has a threaded boss welded above the #1 port that duplicates the mount on the cast iron manifolds. Collectors are 3.5 inch with a 3.00 inch side out for hooking up to ones street exhaust. Three bolt collector flange is also 3/8" laser cut. Headers will come with 2 - 3.5" x 1/4 inch block off plates and two 3.00" ID X 2.5" OD reducers for the side outlets. 409 header 2.JPG 409 header 3.JPG
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Mark Wilson

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These headers fit entirely inside the frame rails, no modification of the inner fender wells is required. No modifications of any sort should be required. Prices will be $799.00 per set plus shipping. Shipping will run in vicinity Of $80.00 - $100.00 they large and heavy. The carton I believe is 44" x 18" x 14" and weighs approx 73 lbs.

I have 5 sets near completion with 2 sets spoken for and will offer the remaining 3 sets to members of this forum for $400.00 a set plus shipping with certain conditions.
1. Headers are to be used as quickly as possible so that I can receive feedback on fit before going into full scale production.
2. Forward high resolution photos of installation providing as much detail as possible regarding clearances.
3. Work directly with me if any clearance issues should arise without application.
4. No trashing me or my product on the forum. If you are unhappy with headers I will refund the cost of headers less shipping as long as they are returned undamaged nor modified I anyway.
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Mark Wilson

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Just some notes on installation.
1. Raise care at least 3 feet in a safe and secure manner.
2. Disconnect battery and remove exhaust pipes and manifolds.
3. Drivers side - remove oil filter, remove clutch linkage if manual transmission. From below start header with port 1 pointing up near back of block,rotating header into into the horizontal position as you move it forward. Install gaskets and header bolts, once all header bolts are started snug them up and check for clearances.if all looks good re install oil filter and clutch linkage.
4. Drivers side - Remove starter, install header from below as you did the drivers side, but do not bolt to head. A second person is A big plus at this point as one can support the header while other re-installs the starter. You can now install the gaskets and header bolts. Once all bolts are snug check for clearances.
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Looks way awesome, like that they have the outlets for running straight out the headers.
A pity that i already have a set, which i had to modify heavily from someone else.


Mark Wilson

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The first five sets all have the side outlet, but we can certainly make them with out it. They purpose of it is to simply make it easier and cleaner to hook up your street exhaust. When Jerry Belanger first designed these they were intended for drag racing primarily. The long collector exits just shy of the rocker panel making it difficult and unsightly to hook up the street exhaust. That is why in later years it was offered with shorter and shorter collectors.


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This is very exciting news and the pricing seems right for a quality header. It is too bad that I am about to pull my engine for a winter rebuild, I would've taken you up on your $400 offer. Thank you Mark Wilson.