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James, I am looking at your photos and am assuming that is the port 3 primary that is rubbing on the inside of the frame or the K member where it transitions to the frame rail. Am I correct? I was really hoping for some pictures of where the tubes pass directly under the bottom of the frame rails.
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There is about .025 clearance from the frame to the tube. It has a small rub mark where it has touched when engine rocks......an man does it !!!ROCK!!!:guitar
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mark, do you make smaller diameter tubes for heavy street cars...I've got a '59 el camino with the 605 steering box and am looking into the exhaust components now...thanks


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Mark - I would be a player for a set of the 1.875 tube headers for sure - My question is do you have a phone number? I found a number on the web, but when I called it was disconnected... I am sure I picked up a wrong number.... I mean if it is on the net it must be true, Right? LOL...

Mark Wilson

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I have 4 sets of 2.00 headers ready to ship.

I have 2 sets that are of the first revision. One is the very set test fit on Pat's car and is the set that is in all the photo's I posted of Pat"s car. The second is identical. $400.00 each set plus shipping.

Third set is second revision and only thing different is that the side out on the collectors was moved further outboard. $500.00 set plus shipping.

Fourth set is our third and hopefully last revision. This set is identical to revision 2 with the exception that we lowered the drivers side collector at the flange end for better clearance. This set I would like to go to someone who can test fit header to a convertible framed car and give me rapid feedback with photos. Headers have fit very well on all cars they have been tried on so far, but I have yet to get any feedback from convertible owners. I have sent two sets out to convertible owners, but they are not ready to install engines for sometime and I want to finalize the changes that I have made. $500.00 plus shipping.

Once I have this design finalized I can build some 1.875" primary headers for those of you that requested them in the original size.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to provide feedback. It has been invaluable.


All headers are sold. We will be making another run of these in a coupe of weeks.
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