Windshield molding clips

Good morning members I need help with installing windshield molding clips the painter cut all the little studs of so I don't now the were to install the new clips eney pictures or advice would be appreciated


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It a 63 impala do you have a picture so I could reference
They are called reveal molding clips and are tapped into place with a small hammer.
The stainless moldings snap into each clip - pound the stainless with your hand. The rear window stainless has one side overlapping the other. The lower rear stainless is installed last. The curved side stainless around the painted body goes over the lower rear stainless piece under the back window (62-64 Hardtops).
The top of the 62 to 64 front windshield uses them also ( the sides and lower portion of the windshield do not use reveal molding clips)