World Benchrest Match Calgary

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Not sure how many countries participated, but there were over 80 shooters. You can see why they keep score in the 4th number, things are close. There are 7 possible 1st place finishes in the competition, but the main two are the 4 man team event and the individual event which is called the 2 gun. After 4 days of shooting here are the results. USA won 8 gold medals, 5 silver and 2 bronze.

USA fielded 3 four man teams and the top 3 went like this.

1. USA Team C .2598
2. USA Team A .2646
3. Australia A .2661
There have been 15 world benchrest matches held. USA has won 13 of them and Australia has won 2.

The individual 2 gun ended like this. Lot's of times the matches are closer than this. After 4 days of shooting there is .0048 between 1st and 2nd place. Less than a human hair.

1. USA Joel Nader .2239
2. Canada Bill Mitchell .2287
6. USA .2434
7. USA .2485
10. USA
12. USA
14. USA
15. USA
17. Walt Berger 91 years old
20. USA

USA fielded 12 shooters and 9 of them finished in the top 20 out of 80+ shooters. Therein lies the reason it is so hard to win at any big match. Walt Berger is the man that started Berger Bullets and is a Hall of Fame member. He replaced the best benchrest shooter in the world when Tony Boyer's wife had heart problems and was taken to the hospital. Walt filled in at the very last minute and did a very good job.

GO USA.....................:good
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Just edited Walt's age. He's 91.

On a bad note, Tony Boyer's wife, Faye is terminal and won't survive much longer. She was a great person, and a great shooter. One of two women to make the Hall of Fame. The other was Walt Berger's wife.