Wow what a difference! Bab boy 283

Hi everyone, I went to the track last night and the 55 Chevy dropped half a second off the ET without even driving it as hard. Clearly the combination is still not right, but soon I will have it "dialed in."

The 3400 lb car ran a 13.60 at a dissapointing 100mph. It spun the slicks out of the hole and still ran a 1.92 60 foot which is good for a torqueless street car. It feels like the C3B intake and 600 CFM vacuum carb combo is holding it back on top end. I will try one of my proven 12 second intake and carb combos like the Demon double pumper on an Edelbrock Tarantula intake, or Performer RPM and the same Demon. I may try my Vacuum 750 first for drivability reasons.

Between the 2 to 3 tenths I could have easily driven better and the intake and carb I will be very close to my goal of a 12 second 283. I just try to give up as little streetability as possilbe a tiny bit at a time untill I get there. Dad and I have plans for some 49cc Dart Platnums and solid roller cam to make this motor really kill.

More updates after later trips to the track, but I dont know how soon that will be.

Have Fun.