Wtb 1965 656 car block


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I have been watching that one and actually talked to him on Sunday to see if he was going to relist it which he did on Monday but now its 200 more starting bid than last time but hopefully everything works out with another members here nos fitted short block. Is this big bobs409 an ok guy?

Tom Kochtanek

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Methinks I did a business transaction with him some years back and he was honest and reliable. I think others may have had some dealings with him more recently. He comes upon a lot of 409 stuff from time to time. I think he might even "guarantee" what he sells.

He has a 656 truck block as well, I recall that was priced at $200 less ($1695 as opposed to $1895). Maybe that's the one you were referring to as being less?

Good luck!


Phil Reed

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Impala Bob was a Long Shore union rep in the LA harbour. He had relatives here in KC so one day he just popped in my shop. Spent an hour or so just talking. He passed away about 5 years ago as I recall.
I believe this is his son selling his father's collection.