X frame

Iowa 409 Guy

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The cross member was welded to the frame and the bracket that the control arm is bolted to was bolted to the crossmember with shims under it to set the pinion angle. I ripped one out back in the day and tore big holes in my frame. I went to Chevrolet and bought a new crossmember and had to do a lot of repair to fix the frame.

Phil Reed

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The choice to "not" include the driver side upper arm for a correct restoration should not be an issue for a street driven car with reasonable size radial or bias ply tires. The problem rarely raised its ugly head in the day unless you had a knuckle head like me driving a high horse four speed 09 car and side stepping the clutch. Add sticky tires, a bad attitude and the outcome is inevitable.
Plus..he was "carrying " if you know what I mean!!!!!