Austin Bubbletop

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Seems the videos have been removed everywhere. I did see one grainy clip where it appeared the 2 guys were actually standing on the road where the flashlight marked the finish line. Not that it changes anything but is very odd if true.

We street raced a lot in Austin back in the 80's but a fast car back then ran a 10 second quarter mile. We also raced in BFE not in business parks.

George Klass

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Ya need to know how to drive! Just sayin...
In my opinion, no prep drag racing is just plain stupid. And as far as "driving", once the car gets that loose, there is no "drving", the car is going to go where it wants to go. In listening to the video, it appears to me that the driver got back into it after it got loose, and THIS action is what really caused the car to cross the line the first time and go into the wall on the left side of the track. After that little love tap, there was no "driving" the car, it was a goner. Hint for drivers of fast cars: Once it gets loose, get out of it and do NOT get back into it. (A), you are probably not going to be able to catch the car in the other lane anyway, and (B), you have a great chance of wrecking your car. Watch the video; when the car got loose, that was not the fault of the driver (other than making the choice to run on a non-prepped track). But as soon as he felt that the car recoverd (which it hadn't), he got back into it, and in my opinion, that made the crash happen, meaning, driver error. And I suspect that the driver knows it, too...