Yellow Wagon's 1964 Biscayne on Ebay!!


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Beautiful car, I hate to see you sell it. I don't intend to bid, but have a payment question. That figure exceeds my credit card/paypal limit by a bunch. Others may have a similar problem. How is payment made for those that have the $$$ but not the ability by credit card?

Edit; now I see $1000 deposit.

yellow wagon

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The first go round with the Ebay listing we ran it without a buy it now. It got real close to the reserve and someone could have gotten a great deal on the car. Oh well. Now they can make offers on it. Have gotten several but people either don't follow through with their offer or are unrealistic and want the car for next to nothing. I think there are a fair amount of "flippers" out there that want the car for the income potential but I can't sell it dirt cheap so they can make money off it.