Your father's 409


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My father bought a 65 Impala 4 dr ht ,yes the no pillar hardtop, white with blue interior. 327 auto . . It used oil from day one and dealer told him it would quit after getting broke in. Well it never did and they kept jacking him around till it was out of warranty. Why he did not keep on them to fix I don't know. He took it to a different dealer to get fixed and they pulled heads and found the cylinders had excessive wear would have to be bored and all new piston's. He told them to put it back together . He traded it off for a ford 1969 full size think it was a galaxie ,maybe. He bought ford from there the rest of his life and had good luck with them . Had about four different ford models years after that. So the other Chevy dealer just pissed away sales for the future.