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I just know its easier to transfer the holes from the original 1/4s and fenders - I made paper templates for the fender flags and 409 emblems plus
I made templates for Impala emblems and Impala script(but not the 1/4 belair script)
So trying to help with suggestions for Dennis....


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2 coats of primer and initial block. This is tough for me not being there to see first hand, as I was very much involved with the last two projects!! guy doing the work probably looks the quiet and my not hovering over his shoulder!!

IMG_20200925_182905864.jpg 2000000000017898.jpeg IMG_20200925_182852171.jpg IMG_20200925_182919265.jpg

This passenger door is door # two. The first one had the skin removed and a repo was placed on the original door. Fitment was horrible and NOTHING could be lined up to the quarter OR front fender. # 2 door was bad on the bottom of original skin. Cut approx. 6 inches of the original skin and used the lower repo door skin to replace the bad lower original skin. Hell of a job and well done. You local forum guys (Missouri area) should consider Rodney for your work. Honest and easy to work with.