Z11 As-Delivered Engine Compartment

Steve "wully bully"

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Dave, a local Chevrolet dealer near here bought the car from Joey, and raced it through the late '60's in eastern PA, called it "The Running Dutchman" I was told. It was white I seem to recall hearing. Never saw it, but a good friend of mine's father was service manager at the dealership at the time, and the car was maintained there. Last my friend knew the car was parked in abarn in the early '70's, no idea what happened to it after that. Rusty Symmes was looking for that car in the '90's. That was Hoover Chevrolet in Wernersville, PA. They survived until the last few years with the downsizing of dealerships from Chevrolet, their sister dealership is still in business in Reading PA, Bob Fisher Chevrolet.


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That information is priceless Raj,
It would be awesome to publish a book on that history with then and now pics, history of each one if known etc
Maybe Doug Marion could help?
Im not sure i just see it as a piece of history that needs to be preserved

Just my opinion

Thanks or the kind words Steve, Doug and I are good friends and we talked about putting a book out there along with my other good friend Mark Ascher, There has never been a good book out there that was soley devoted to the W motors at all. I felt a book that covered the beginning of the 348 development all the way to the Z-11 would be great to do though was told by Robert Genat it could never get published. Instead I helped Larry Davis with the book "Super Stock Racing the family sedan".


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Well there is a 348/409 book that is out now that is full of errors. There is a lot of good information in it, but a lot of mistakes too. I'm sure if I can spot them then there are many more that the more knowledgeable members here would spot.

I'd have been better off to spend my money on ink to print off accurate info from this site.


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Write that book. I will print it for all of us. You won't make much money, but the information will not get lost in the future.

I also think that some of our members who have built many W engines should write one.....or collaborate on one. I've often wished I could record everything that I've heard from Ronnie Russell and Jack Gibbs. When I have talked to them about my builds they have both given way more information than my little brain could absorb. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm saying they gave too much info......just that I wished I could remember it all. Jack told me a list of things to watch out for when putting mine together, but that was over a year ago and I'm still not to assembly yet.

I told him that he should either write a book or if he didn't feel like he was a writer.....to just write a bunch of stuff down and let someone else do the writing. I won't think you'd get rich, but believe it would bring in some decent royalties.


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Write that book. I will print it for all of us. You won't make much money, but the information will not get lost in the future.
I think that a book like this could almost be a collaboration of stories, interspersed with facts, figures, helpful hints and TSB's:D
There are a lot of informative people on this forum with a wealth of knowledge
Who has recently retired, has lived 409's for the past 40 years, wakes up at 0409 each morning just to see the time on the clock, wakes up from his nap at 409 PM to do the same and has a shed to store all this info in:scratch:scratch:dunno:facepalm:read:dunno2
I might ask that bloke that put on the convention to see if he knows him:crazy