Z11 Cars, All Accounted For???

Dick MacKenzie

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The following is by no means claimed to be totally accurate, many cars status is unknown. In fact I would love input by anyone who may have documented information. For a while I was trying to document as much of this information but some people say they are planning to do a publication documenting the Z11s. My problem is at this point in life I can't wait a whole lot longer and would like to see as much documentation out in the public forum as can be put together but know one wants to talk! LOL. What you see below was initially put together by Rusty and I have modified it as I have come across additional information. Also, I don't know whose car Dennis' parts are taken from.

Z11 cars by State / Dealer

Pierson Chevrolet, Gadsden, AL: Jim Weathers - Status unknown
Dement Mollison Chevrolet, Birmingham, AL: Carl Wells - Status unknown

Rudolph Chevrolet, Phoenix, AZ: Frank Sanders - Currently restored

Cone Chevrolet, Fullerton, CA: Hayden Proffitt - Supposedly wrecked in Texas
Service Chevrolet, Pasadena, CA: Terry Prince - Currently restored
3 Way Chevrolet, Bakersfield, CA: H. L. Shahan - Status unknown
Del Munson Chevrolet, Pixley, CA: Larry “Butch” Leal - Status unknown
Bill Bader Chevrolet, Fontana, CA: Jack Bayer - Reported junked in 1980, but may still exist in Northern CA: parted out.
Ernie Porter Chevrolet, Pasadena, CA: Boyd Porter - Thought to be parted out in the 1980s
Ed Prister Chevrolet, Montrose, CA: Mike Lenke - Status unknown
Bruder Chevrolet, Hollywood, CA: Artis Bowls (Richard Schroeder) - Currently restored, Owned by Don Fezell
Clippinger Chevrolet, Covina, CA: Ron Campbell - Currently restored
Don Steves Chevrolet, La Habra, CA: Tom Shahan
Don Steves Chevrolet, La Habra, CA: Lee Ellis
Don Steves Chevrolet, La Habra, CA: Tom Strum - Junked *

Jim Rathman Chevrolet, Melbourne, FL: Bob Tucker - Found in Ohio

Valley Chevrolet, Atlanta, GA: Don Nicholson - Destroyed in race accident by second owner.
Valley Chevrolet, Atlanta, GA: Huston Platt - Junked – front end still exists.
Valley Chevrolet, Atlanta, GA: Steve Bagwell - Status unknown
Wallace Chevrolet, Albany, GA: Bill Connell - May have been junked. Front end still exists, Don Fezell put it on the green car.

Nelson Chevrolet, Libertyville, IL: Bob Delia - Status unknown
Mancuso Chevrolet, Skokie, IL: Burris Hall - Disassembled & put on street with a 283

Smith Chevrolet, La Porte, IN: Larry Moody - Status unknown
Zintmaster Chevrolet, Kokomo, IN: - Last seen on a car lot, never titled
Bub Gates Chevrolet, Indianapolis, IN: Jim Johnson - Reportedly still exists. At one time converted to small block race car.

Rapids Chevrolet, Cedar Rapids, IA: Vincent Fiala - Status unknown

Hattan Chevrolet, Wichita, KS: Bill Clay - Status unknown
Singling Chevrolet, Wichita, KS: Bill Schultz - Reported in restoration, should be completed by now


Broadway Chevrolet, Louisville, KY: John Ward
(Irvine Johns, VV Cook Chev car) - Possibly disassembled

Oliver Chevrolet, Morgan City, LA: Jack Cooley - Status unknown

Woodward & Austin Chevrolet, Portland, ME: Brian Batchelder - Car is unrestored in Ar. Has front end.

Midway Chevrolet, St. Paul, MN: John Hagen - Parted out in 1972

Floyd Floren Chevrolet, Detroit, MI: Chuck Turner - Restored

North Carolina
Adamance Motor CO, Burlington, NC: Sox & Martin - Went to Ohio in 1966, not seen since.
Cobb Motor Co, Goldsboro, NC: John Hollingsworth - - Status unknown
City Chevrolet, Charlotte NC: (Don Eberhart car) - Parted out. Converted to 327 & sold on used car lot. Front end still exists (Hank Gabbard)
H&N Chevrolet, Havelock, NC: Hubert Platt - Junked, burned in field. Front End Still Exists
Stokes Motor Co, King, NC: V.P. Hartgrove - Restored w/ original engine.
Abernathy Chevrolet,Hickory, NC:Clyde Curtis, Wayne Baker - Status unknown, Sold to Richard Bloom in 1963.

New York
Oak Hill Chevrolet,East Chester, NY: Bill Lagana - Restored
Salinas Chevrolet,, Syracuse NY: Don Kimball - Body junked
Glen Campbell Chevrolet,Buffalo NY: Dave, Lee Colbert - Car owned by Pat Lobb, currently in restoration. Dave still races NHRA Super Stock.

New Mexico
Moran’s Gateway Chevrolet, Carlsbad, NM: Dick Harrel - Status unknown

Dutch Folk Chevrolet, Akron, OH:Butch PeterS (Joie Chitwood car) - Restored


Ammon R. Smith Motor Co, York, PA:Strickler/Jenkins - Currently restored, Owned by Don Fezell

South Carolina
Harter Chevrolet, Camden, SC: Bondy Long – Richard Broom Car - Status unknown

Friendly Chevrolet, Dallas, TX: Buddy Taylor - Status unknown

Watts Chevrolet, Williamsburg, VA: Winston Parker (Jack May Car) - Hank Gabbard restored

Washington D. C.
Hicks Chevrolet, Washington D.C.: Malcolm Durham - Restored, rebodied

Alan Green Chevrolet,, Burien, WA: Dick Milner - Restored, Don Fezell collection. Dick Milner is active on Facebook in a few racing groups.


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which car is the Don Whittie?? restored white Z11...was in stoney creek, Ontario but originally owned by the stunt driver..