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What was the name of Rustys book.....?,was it printed and handed out,sold some where.I assume info on all distributed aluminium parts 62,and any or all Z11 cars parts blocks,ect.ect.??????

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Thats a great picture. Fran Preve had told me years ago that there was one Z-11 car delivered to Glen Campbell chevy
in Williamsville (Buffalo).
I had a conversation with a couple of guys at a christmas party about this car. All they could remember was that it
was originally painted white and raced out of Glen Campbell, then sold to another racer who painted it yellow. They
could'nt recall what ever happened to it. I'll check with some of the older racers and see if I can find anything about
the car or the Colberts.
Glen Campbell Chevrolet had a reputation (back in the day) of always having a inventory of high performance cars,
especially Corvettes. The dealer has recently been bought out by one of the areas larger, multi car dealerships.



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Found it!! Owner listed as Hagen/Camp. Original dealership was in Minneapolis, MN..no name. Red/red...present status (in 1985ish) unknown, rumored to still exist. Do not have a VIN.
Hi Phil, original selling dealer for John Hagen's Z-11 was Midway Chevrolet in St Paul MN. Car is long gone (junked in 1967 by some kids that raced it with a stroked 283), Al Hodges was the second owner who bought from Hagen in 1964 and sold it to the 3 college kids without the 427. The nose survived and is on the black Hayden Proffit mystery motor Biscayne Roger Sortino owned at one time. Hagen made it the quarter finals at Indy in 1963 (mostly because everybody was not used to the new Christmas tree lighting system used by NHRA at Indy and red lit against him). Hagen thought he had it in the bag until Strickler blew his doors off .
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Here is a new photo of one of the freshly restored aluminum front bumper ends. Actually turned out much better than I expected. Paul's Chrome did the work. I will show more later.


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Pat, the drill holes on the driver's side of the rear of frame look's like almost factory where a LH upper control arm attaches to :think