• When selling car parts online such as through ebay or our classifieds, you'll want to find the best and most economical way to ship. For smaller and lighter items, I recommend using USPS as they are usually always cheaper for those items plus very reliable. For larger and heavier items, UPS or Fedex are usually the best way. For even larger items, you may have to ship with Greyhound Express which allows larger packages. All of these have online shipping calculators to get estimates from. For very large items such as engines, a truck freight shipping company is about the only way. This is the most expensive way. Check your yellow pages for shippers in your area.

  • Always offer/encourage the buyer of your item(s) to include the optional insurance provided by shippers especially for valuable/fragile items. You can state that you are not responsible for lost or damaged items without it to help avoid problems for yourself. Once you place the package into the shippers hands, it's out of your control.

  • If you sell/ship alot of parts, you'll need to keep plenty of boxes on hand. Check behind stores in your area for dumpsters specifically used for cardboard. Checking them regularly and stocking up different sized boxes is best. Nothing worse than scrounging for a box at the last minute!

  • When the parts you buy arrive, save the boxes and packing materials so you can re-use them when you sell your parts. (especially odd sized, hard to find boxes) It's a great way to recycle and make it easy on yourself the next time you have to ship something.

  • When placing an ad on a classified site or listing something on ebay, 1) Provide a sharp, clear picture if possible. People want to see what they are buying. 2) Provide shipping charges if possible or offer to give them before the sale. 3) Mention your City, State and Zip code. 4) Consider listing the packages weight and size. This helps if the buyer wants to check shipping charges on the UPS or USPS websites. 5) Be descriptive and honest, give all the details. Your the seller so SELL it!


  • Looking for good used parts for your 58-65 full size Chevy whether it be at the local junkyard or on eBay, be sure to check other makes & models of GM as some of the same parts were used for other cars. Examples: dome lights for 62-66 Chevy 2 door were also used in some 4 door Cadillacs of 63/64 era. Sunvisor brackets were are all the same for 65-72 Chevrolet cars such as Chevelle, Impala & Corvair and can also be found in many Buick, Olds and Pontiacs. Investing in a Parts Interchange manual can really help narrow down the search by giving many other cars to look at.

  • When buying parts from a private party that will be shipped, it's a good idea to invest in the optional insurance for the package especially for valuable/fragile items. Without it, the seller may not reimburse you for lost or damaged items.