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1. How many Z-11 optioned Impala's were made in 1963?

2. Who could order the Z-11 option in 1963?
Anyone could order one.
Only race car drivers.
Only GM employee's.

3. What was the only transmission that could be ordered with the Z-11 package?
T-10 4 speed
3 speed turboglide

4. Were there any Z-11's made in 1962?
Yes, there were 2 made.
Yes, there were 20 made.
No, there were none made.

5. What was the compression ratio for the 1963 Z-11 427?

6. Were some Z-11 427 engines equipped with chrome valve covers?
Yes, 5 of them were.
Yes, about half of them were.
No, none were.

7. Was the bore and stroke of the the Z-11 427 the same as the 425hp 409?
Yes, it was the same.
No, the stroke was bigger.
No, the bore was bigger.

8. Horsepower for the Z-11 427 engine was rated at?

9. The R.P.O. Z-11 package had a cost of?

10. The Z-11 Impala had many aluminum parts to lighten it up. Which part below was not aluminum on this car?
Radiator support
Fan shroud
Splash pan

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