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    Happy Birthday! Dave Mills

    Happy birthday...
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    LED Dash lights

    i have not driven my 62 SS convertible for a few months ( and its not at my house now) but I think it’s bright white and when compared to my other 62’s without LED’s the difference is amazing. I will be changing my other 62’s to LED’s as soon as I determine a good way to reach the sockets under...
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    LED Dash lights

    I replaced all my dash lights in my 62 SS 409 Convertible with these white light LED's. They fit perfect, as noted and are a 1895 replacement (or #57 replacement). My dash lighting is at least 2/3 times brighter. Also used them in my Factory Sun tach -to make it brighter in place of # 53 bulbs...
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    Differences between Hard Top & Convertible frames?

    Jim and 64 superstock are correct -as noted more detail below The vent window outside pot metal chrome frames for convertibles are different than hardtop for 61 & 62. and the same applys to 63 and 64 the outside convertible frames are convertible only. The top of the frames are different than...
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    Differences between Hard Top & Convertible frames?

    All 61 to 64 Convertible frames have 12 body mounts vs only 8 for all other frames. The 4 extra convertible mounts(2 per side) are between the firewall and rear axle. For all convertible frames 61 to 64 from the firewall to behind the rear axle the top of the frame has extra reinforcement...
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    61 rear antenna removal

    Picture of factory single antenna on my former 62 SS convertible Also picture of dual rear antennas on my 62 SS 409 convertible, 1961's used the same rear antenna Paul
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    61 rear antenna removal

    The factory rear 61 & 62 rear antennas are the same, assuming it’s a original rear antenna. screw the top chrome and plastic cap at the base of the antenna mast will screw off to start the removal. under the chrome & plastic cap is a 3/4” hex nut - remove that nut. Then the chrome mount that...
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    60 Impala 348 PG 2x4 or 6x2

    Peter, you need to include a price and location in for sale adds. nice looking 60. Paul
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    348 Engine for sale

    you need to post the GM block # off the back of the block and head id numbers and the exhaust manifold and intake part numbers stamped on these items and what the price(s) your add is not complete without these items. Paul
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    1960 Chevy Hood Lip Moulding

    try Dave Kosmann he might have a damaged hood lip
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    Happy Birthday! Jim Sullivan

    Happy birthday :bday1
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    Complete factory air system for 1962 B-body

    Tim I will be calling you later today - What about the condenser and dryer/dryer mount in front of the radiator ? a/c pulleys off the 6 cylinder engine ? other questions -- including more pictures -to email address for me Paul
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    Complete factory air system for 1962 B-body

    You could put it on your back.....
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    Wanted - 553 bellhousing

    that is possible -BW and Muncie in 63 -I once knew what those transmissions fit for bell housing.
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    Complete factory air system for 1962 B-body

    61 & 62 Factory air units use the non factory air “fan” controls part of the regular heating controls. The unit is turned on using the center controls cable ( the right cable - turns on STV valve) - the left cable is for fast idle. My 62 factory air unit was pumping out cold air at 45 degrees...