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    Inner front bumper steel

    The long brace on 62 bumpers and 63 & 64 has value, if not rusted. I sold one last year. They are reproduced so the have value as do any bumper brackets that are not bent or pitted, as Phil says. These parts are all over e- bay for sale. As junk yards ( which has been happening for 20 years)...
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    Fan close to power steering pump?

    these Show Car spacers should work. I used at least one of them on my 62 SS 409 for my water pump pulleys between the pulleys or under the first pulley. As Don just noted for 1/16 inch spacer part # 6515 These spacers can be put under the fan mount (might need 4 longer fine thread mounting...
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    Bell Housing PN# Please.

    Only the 552 cast bell housing and the 553 aluminum bell housing come with the same size clutch fork opening like your 6 cylinder bell housing. other cast bell housing from earlier years have different fork size openings (mostly smaller as I recall). I sell the 552 bell housings for...
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    1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible 409 on Hemmings

    It always amazes me that the wrong fan shroud is installed on what appear to be original restorations of 409 cars. Thats a cut down small block fan shroud or a 64 409 shroud. For "original restored car" it sure has things wrong.... - steering wheel not two tone, no gasket steering column to...
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    Swap Meet other buys

    Thanks I’ve watched for them and noticed 1958 - 348 valve covers on at least 6 high dollar frame off restored mostly 62 409 cars over the last 8 months. Paul
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    Swap Meet other buys

    Air cleaners are 1963 & 1964 Chevy 283 ( 2 and 4 barrel) and 327 4 barrel both years. Actually the extra fluted ends welded to each snorkel - I think might be 1964 Chevy only but the rest of the air cleaner lids are definitely 63 & 64. Shifter I think is factory 64 Chevy Impala bench seat 4...
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    Fan close to power steering pump?

    I agree with Don, move the fan away (Show Cars sells spacers for the fan) My 62 409 with all original deep groove upper and lower pulleys and the factory 409 ps pulley & pump like you have. I have over 1inch of clearance to aftermarket 7 bladed fan ( original 5 bladed fan cleared by over 1/2...
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    How far above the crossed flags on my 63 fenders do I put my 409 emblems?

    All 63 & 64 Impalas had flags(327 Cars) and v’s no flags(283 Cars) & 409 emblems above flags located near the doors. All 63 & 64 BelAir and Biscaynes had factory flags, V’s and 409 emblems with flags in front of tires on the fenders. I made a written list all the factory locations of all...
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    409 Events

    Dave lives in Michigan west & south of Ann Arbor. Paul
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    Can I find spray paint for my fawn interior 63 dash

    All the interior paint codes for dashes in 59 to 64 Chevy are “not the same” as the exterior colors. I have all the old paint codes for those years published in a old issue of The Late Great Chevy magazine. The codes are from 3 paint company’s from the 60’s for each different color. Matching...
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    Upper control arm ?

    As stated above by Jim, Factory style front shocks do not have a rubber bushing on the top of the a frame( the end of the shock stud is only about 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the surface of the a frame). Also as stated the upper shock mounting is steel to steel for under the a frame mounting hole. I...
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    How far above the crossed flags on my 63 fenders do I put my 409 emblems?

    63 emblems are close to the flags. The 1963 409 emblems I think have studs that are “ not level” (makes it hard to drill the holes correctly). I know 62 409 emblems have studs that are not level ( 409 emblems under the flags on 62’s) I have always used factory 409 fenders for the making or...
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    Can I find spray paint for my fawn interior 63 dash

    Mike is right, take your glove box door or your radio delete plate Paul
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    Oil pan

    Your 348 or 409 truck pan is the same as a 348 or 409 car pan as noted above. Only difference is the drain plug location.
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    63 Impala 409 in Monterey at Mecum

    The serial number is starts with 31747 - 1747 is a 6 cylinder Impala from the factory.