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    1962 to 1964 Chevy Impala SS buckets seats - restored

    I have to sell - 4 sets of 1962 to 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS buckets seats with restored factory seat brackets that are repainted black and silver(on the sliding tracks). The tracks are greased for excellent operation. No rust on the seat brackets, frames or seat springs. Also come with the...
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    '62 Hood

    I think I have a good hood left. I have 4 - 62 hoods and 4 - 1961 hoods 3 are rust free. Paul
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    Slow build 1962

    Now you can bring a 409 to Iowa :poke:pray :driver
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    60 trim removal

    There are y-tube videos of removing roof rail trim with as Phil says
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    1962 Belair 409 068 QB block No X

    I am almost certain that that car has been for sale for over 6 months, I remember the color, since I am partial to blue 62’s and that I always wanted a 2 door sedan. The first group of pictures I saw of this 62 for sale were in 2018 - it was parallel parked on a California street in a...
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    Sway bar who dun it?

    What you have for your tie rod connection is not correct, the way you have it now the tie rod will bounce up and down and as has been said here the correct number of rubber bushings ( you need 4 per side) are missing as are the cupped washers 4 of them per side in the right place with the...
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    Seat Belt Position

    No you don’t bolt through the carpet, The factory cut slits and or sections of the carpet and folded the carpet around the seat brackets. All of my cars I install the seats first with the carpet folded back by the doors then cut the silts so they fit around both sides of the seat brackets I...
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    Seat Belt Position

    The carpet goes around all the seat brackets not under the seat brackets. Paul
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    62 Impala SS 409 on Bring A Trailer (online auction) closing today

    Nice looking 409 car, very nice restoration -except thats not the only thing wrong.
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    3.55 ring and pinion, maybe 3.36

    I use 3:08s in my Richmond 5 speeds in my 62 SS 409's Just bought an extra set late last year.
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    Emergency brake connectors

    pictures of original connectors and all the original linkage both connectors will work Paul
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    1961, 1962 Chevy’s doors all had the larger holes in the bottom of the doors that take the plastic plugs like Nate ( nana1962409) posted. 1963’s and maybe 64’s had the same larger lower door holes that used the plastic door plugs Your body shop guys should have noticed the original plastic...
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    3.55 ring and pinion, maybe 3.36

    4 series carriers only fit 4:11 and 4 :56 and 4;88's. In order to install 3:55 or 3:36 gears in a 4:56 rear end, you have to have ring gear spacer 3 series carriers only work with 3 series gears (3:08, 3:35 3:55 and 3:70) Paul
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    62 Impala SS 409 on Bring A Trailer (online auction) closing today

    Check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery of the both tags -serial number and cowl tag ----- for GM plant...........:confused