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    This is what’s going to happen to my babies when I pass

    When I go to that "big garage in the sky" I told my wife to call Phil Reed and he'd buy everything for 10 cents on the dollar and she'd be rich :) :) :). Problem is, that we all know, is that Phil is something like 106 now, so he's got to outlast me :). I plan on leaving seven or so vintage...
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    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    Happy belated birthday, Bernie! Judging from that picture you had a great day :) :) :). Cheers! TomK
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    Scrap Price's

    James: Do you remember those boxes of rocker arms we got from Phil a couple years back when we picked up those shelves? You should tap that Motherload so I can stop tripping over them :) :) :).
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    1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe 409 4-Speed in Rhinebeck, NY

    She's a real beauty! Glad to see pics of a Corona Cream over Fawn interior as that is the original color combination of the 1961 Belair Sport Coupe I started on years ago :). Of course mine looks nothing like that one! Cheers! TomK
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    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    The late Wayne Eupers (Mr. Four Speed around these parts) had ordered what I recall was a new 1959 El Camino from the factory and of course he specified the 4 speed option. Engine was a 283. Being in small town Missouri that option held up the delivery of the car, so he took delivery of the...
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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Sad to report that I will not be joining the gang this time around. At the request of my spouse I did a COVID 19 nasal swab (tested negative) but needed Dr's approval and was asked about any impending travel plans, etc. When I mentioned "Ohio" I got a strong warning not to travel, given other...
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    Numbers Match?

    "I was wondering if 379's were ever paired with a tri-power intake from the factory? " Pretty sure those 280 horse 348 factory builds were triple twos with 379s. The 350 horse version sported that same intake but with 1147 heads and I suspect a different cam and maybe different pistons...
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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Hmmm... Russ is out of town and busy hefting that HUGE trophy and Dennis is distracted with work and family matters.... Might be a good time for me to sneak down to Rodney's shop in Springfield MO and load up that '62 Bubbletop project when no one is looking :) :) :). All kidding aside, gonna...
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    62 BelAir Bubble 409

    So am I understanding this correctly, you had a 1962 Impala convertible and passed on that? Did you sell that one off? Subsequent to that you acquired the '62 Belair "sport coupe"? Both of those are pretty hard to come by in these parts, as they are both well sought after... That "more door"...
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    62 BelAir Bubble 409

    Welcome to the Forum! Gotta love those 1962 "Sport Coupes" in the Belair style :). Looks like you're making good progress. Five cars as donors, that's "Bodies by FisherS" :) :) :). We look forward to updates on a regular basis, thanks for the pics and congrats! TomK
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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Since I'm gonna be in the area getting my Mom's house in Parma, Ohio ready for sale, I'll be stopping by to watch the action and see all you old farts and do a litle bench racing :) :) :). Unfortunately I won't be bringing a race car :(. Think they'll let me make a pass in an Acura MDX? Don...
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    Congratulations! Congratulations Russ & Susan Campbell!

    Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! That's quite an achievement :) :) :). Cheers! TomK
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    So that's what an inner wheelhouse is supposed to look like :) :) :).
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    New to the 409 world

    Rick: Welcome to the Forum! Wow, she's a real looker :). The engine bay looks well done, in the spirit of a "factory install". I did something similar a dozen years ago, took a 283 PG car and made her into a "409 clone" but I didn't get as faithful as your representation. Nice complement to...
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    WTF........And a four letter word

    We're mid to high 90s here in the Midwest, but the humidity is what drains me the most. My upper mancave is well insulated but without AC it gets to the high 80s later in the afternoon when the Sun hits the side of the building. Down below I have no AC (well, there is a small 5000 BTU window...