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    A Long Awaited Marriage

    Stopped by James' this AM, he already had the BA409 car loaded on his trailer, with plans to relocate it to Nathan's new digs: Here's the Shaker all alone in a newer 40' by 48' foot pole barn at Nathan's new place: Nathan's new place is a perfect bachelor's pad, 3000 square feet, spacious...
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    Wheel dollies

    Here are some awful options, Phil :). I use the cheap wooden ones to move small appliances around. The metal ones are cheap Harbor Freight items. I have a bare frame on 4 of those and it rolls just fine on smooth concrete. You can always use that lightweight small floor jack...
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    Field sobriety at 9:45 am

    My favorite beer --- is my next one :) :) :).
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    Field sobriety at 9:45 am

    I remember Blatz from my days in Cleveland. It was pretty nasty stuff, even for back then :). That was a Milwaukee brew, as I recall. Probably owned by Pabst now, as they seem to be buying everyone lately... My Dad used to drink "POC" (Pilsener on Call) back in the day (it was real cheap...
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    Went over to the dark side

    I am a bit envious of you guys who have these nice new trucks. I guess I could get one, as I use a truck several times throughout the week to haul mulch, trash, materials, etc. for the rental properties. I'd beat that nice new truck up in less than a year. My wife gets the newest vehicle, and...
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    Happy Birthday! Phil Reed

    Best wishes on your Special Day :) :) :). Cheers! TomK
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    Happy birthday Nate! Here's to many more! Cheers! TomK
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    Wristpin turns the Big 58

    Brad: Happy birthday to you! I hope we can connect next time you're in the area :). Cheers! TomK P.S. I just noticed that Phil beat me to the punch (in his Oh Shit! post)
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    Happy Birthday! Jim409_Pontiac

    Wishing you the best on your Special Day :). We miss the both of you and hope to see you at a future event. Cheers! TomK
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    good looking 60 for sale

    I thought his was a '59? Been a while, but somewhere I have pics from his barn. It sat next to that Morris Minor PU I used to own, along with that pair of '64 GTOs. I guess he sold it? Does he still have those early goats?
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    62 quarter mouldings

    Bryant: You have a Private Message. TomK
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    348 - 440 stroker build

    Clearly that new engine is in good company :) :) :). Good luck with the break in! TomK
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    Happy Birthday! Mark Johnson

    Happy birthday! How come we're soooo close and never seem to connect? Probably 'cause I'm always on the go? We're gonna have to rectify that this year :). Cheers! TomK
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    good looking 60 for sale

    Here's a beauty:
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    62 biscayne 409 project

    James: Remember a dozen years ago when we "plated" a few pieces using those three different rattle cans from Eastwood in the attempt to duplicate the color of the plating for my 1962 SS? I think I still might have some of that laying around. I'm guessing it's beyond use, but I'll check. I...